To transform children into Ambassadors of peace and humanity. To develop such citizens who represents our country internationally; contributing in social, financial and noble developments of the world.

To prescribe and implement a curriculum that ensures physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development and growth of the younger generation.

To foster an environment for the development of leadership qualities, team spirit, sportsmanship, self-esteem and other social attributes to prepare children for facing real life challenges.

To create an ambience that provides a continuous encouragement and motivation for enhancing initiative and drive, innovativeness, creativity, original thinking and insatiable appetite for knowledge.

To prepare the future generation to face the challenges of globalization, galloping technology and social changes in the 21st century.

To nurture in every child conventional Indian ethics, culture and ethos with a judicious blend of modern values and technology to churn out a perfect global citizen.

Blend modern education with our rich heritage ensuring a gradual metamorphosis in thought and action to prepare the new generation to lead our country into the future.

To make children aware of the significance of an eco-friendly environment.

To nurture the unique potential in every child.